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You never forget your first love...especially when you wanted her to be your last. This one goes out to all the "game over" girls! Even those that didn't end the game.

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There’s so much in my heart,
That is dying to break out.
Maybe you can understand,
What that’s all about.
Have you loved? Have you lost?
Did you ever imagine,
You’d pay the cost,
When you found that someone,
You just can’t live without.

You’re not alone.
Your heart was my home.
And I know it can get ugly,
When we feel like we’re on our own.
But you were the one for me,
Baby, can’t you see,
You’re everything that I,
Long to be with in life.
My heart was locked,
And you found the key.

You make me feel how I see you.
Like nothing in this world,
Could come close to you.
From Day 1, you had me,
Down on one knee,
Crying, “Game Over!”
You completed me.

There’s so much in my heart,
I am dying to tell you tonight.
Cause I just can’t seem to,
Go down without a fight.
Don’t you know it was true,
When I swore on my soul,
I would die for you.
And to be your hero,
Forevermore is,
All that I wanted to do.

You make me feel,
How I see you.
Like nothing in this life,
Could ever undo our love,
That got me down,
On one knee,
Crying, “Game Over!”
You Completed me.

I know you’ve,
Heard this all before,
But I can’t,
Take it anymore.
I just want you to know,
That when you’re around,
My heart hits the ceiling,
I still get that feeling,
That keeps me believing,
Our love won’t stay down.

You make me feel how I see you,
Like nothing in this world,
Could come close to you.
You’re my one, my only eternity,
You’re my Game Over Girl...

And it’s hard to believe,
That you’re not the one for me.


from Old Souls​.​.​.​Young Hearts, released February 29, 2016
Music by: Chance Raspberry & Ryan Valdesuso
Lyrics by: Chance Raspberry
Performed by: Chance Raspberry

Produced by: Chance Raspberry & Ryan Mckendall

Recorded by: Chance Raspberry & Ryan Mckendall
RazMcK Studio & RTC Studio - California, USA

Mixed & Co-Produced by: Karl Groom
Thin Ice Studio - Surrey, England

Mastered by: Jason Livermore
The Blasting Room - Colorado, USA

TM ©® 2016, Chance Raspberry. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Chance Raspberry Los Angeles, California

Chance Raspberry, former frontman of skatepunk quintet "Jacuzzi Fiend", began his solo career as a musician in 2004. Now, after nearly a decade of building his own studio and label, Chance has emerged from the shadows to unleash a brand new LP!!! This epic full-length, entitled "Old Souls...Young Hearts" is expected to hit online stores and shelves as a Special Edition CD before the end of 2012! ... more

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