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The dream becomes a nightmare when you catch your love...with someone else. Nightshade is the deadly poison used to end many historical figures of poetry and lore. It's also the "cheating" song on this album. When hearts shatter and love dies, you can always end things, but hurting the one who hurt you ultimately leads to hurting yourself. This song is about the pain, process, and triumph of rising above your own dark thoughts to re-embrace the light of a new day. And eventually, a new love.

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I’m following the starlight to you.
It’s late to you but not for me.
The moonlight seems to touch my heart,
Illuminating every part,
With thoughts of you becoming more,
Than what I see inside my mind.
And I can’t even tell you,
How I’ve missed you.
So softly I turn the latch and,
Enter our home.
Silently ascending every stair,
I’m reaching out to you...
Only to realize that you are not alone.

My nightmare has become,
More than a dream.
Your laughter suffocates,
All self-control inside of me.
If only I could somehow,
Change what I have seen,
But I’ve been haunted by,
Those unswayed eyes,
And I just can’t help thinking of our...

Dying love, Nightshade,
Lipstick on a razor blade,
And slowly taking everything from you.
But only in my thoughts you bleed,
For in reality,
I’m dead where I stand,
And you’re the one cutting me.

The memories fall from my eyes,
God it hurts when an angel dies.
And yes it was a well-kept,
Temporary secret...but did you,
Really think that you could,
Keep me from discovering your...

Cold eyes, unswayed,
Lipstick on a razor blade.
Now I find myself,
Trying so hard,
Not to share this,
Pain with you.
But only in my thoughts you bleed,
For in reality,
The edge continues to dull,
As you cut at me!

Oh, pain like this should not exist.
It should have never come to this.
And I can’t tell you how it feels to have tried,
No, I can’t tell you how it feels to have died...
And not be dead.

Now I finally understand,
How strong we can be.
That even those with metal hearts,
Can scar eternally.
But death cannot be,
Where life sets us free,
And I refuse to be the victim of a memory...
Of your...

Cold heart, unswayed,
Lipstick on a razor blade,
That took my happiness away.
A sacrifice would ever last,
But never could erase the past.
This night has finally arrived,
And all that I can say is...

Farewell, Nightshade.
Sweet dreams little razor blade.
Forever I’m ending you.
A crime has been committed,
And true love has ended,
So goodbye forgotten princess...
My only victim was the memory.
(My only victim was the memory.)
The only victim was a memory...
That’s all you’ve become to me.


from Old Souls​.​.​.​Young Hearts, released February 29, 2016
Written & Performed by: Chance Raspberry

Produced by: Chance Raspberry & Ryan Mckendall

Recorded by: Chance Raspberry & Ryan Mckendall
RazMcK Studio & RTC Studio - California, USA

Mixed & Co-Produced by: Karl Groom
Thin Ice Studio - Surrey, England

Mastered by: Jason Livermore
The Blasting Room - Colorado, USA

TM ©® 2016, Chance Raspberry. All Rights Reserved. ChanceRaspberryMusic.com



all rights reserved


Chance Raspberry Los Angeles, California

Chance Raspberry, former frontman of skatepunk quintet "Jacuzzi Fiend", began his solo career as a musician in 2004. Now, after nearly a decade of building his own studio and label, Chance has emerged from the shadows to unleash a brand new LP!!! This epic full-length, entitled "Old Souls...Young Hearts" is expected to hit online stores and shelves as a Special Edition CD before the end of 2012! ... more

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